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30 Day Plan

Week 1: Onboarding and Familiarization

Day 1-2: Complete company onboarding process (HR paperwork, IT setup, internal tools & processes)

Day 3-4: Attend meetings (development, product, UX teams) - Understand workflows, rituals & expectations

Day 5: One-on-one meetings with key team members (roles, responsibilities, challenges)

Week 2: QA Process and Framework Setup

Day 6-8: Research & evaluate current product state (identify areas for automation impact)

Day 9-11: Develop comprehensive QA process & framework (test cases, scripts, automation strategies)

Day 12: Present QA process & framework (development, product, UX teams) - Gather feedback & iterate

Week 3: Tool Selection and Setup

Day 13-15: Evaluate & select automation tools

Day 16-18: Set up & configure selected tools (team's needs)

Day 19: Training & workshops for team (new tools & frameworks)

Week 4: Test Automation and Process Improvement

Day 20-22: Develop & execute automated test scripts (selected tools, high-impact areas & critical features)

Day 23-25: Collaborate with development team (resolve defects promptly, conduct regression testing)

Day 26: Analyze QA process effectiveness & identify improvement opportunities (LLMs for comprehensive test plans)

Additional Tasks:

  • Maintain open communication channels (team updates, feedback, ensure QA process meets everyone's needs)
  • Contribute to QA practice evolution (research & share best practices, methodologies, tools)
  • Assist in testing database changes (schema & data) & support other teams (as required)

By following this plan, you'll be well on your way to establishing a solid QA foundation at your new company and setting the stage for future growth and success. Good luck!