Welcome to Software Testing Trends…

Being a tester is like studying for a Ph.D.; the more you learn, the more you realize there is much more to know. Testing is not something one can master and there is always something new to learn. Testing requires lots of creativity and expertise to perform well.

Major changes are happening in Software Engineering and testing world…

  • Now testing can be started even before source code exists i.e. we can describe the behavior of the application using Agile practices like ATDD, BDD, and TDD. All these processes help developers and testers in understanding the customer’s needs prior to implementation and allow customers to be able to converse in their own domain language.
  • We hear the term ‘continuous’ a lot these days. Automated tests are the way to do testing and it has to be “continuous“ so that it aligns with the agility and also the fast changes in requirements that are very common these days. It requires a Continuous Delivery model in place with Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Test Automation capabilities built in. This CI/CD/CT is the goal of DevOps.
  • DevOps that is a holistic cultural change and a paradigm shift in the mindset. It is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and Information Technology (IT) professionals. DevOps is Lean for IT. The objective is to reduce lead times to free people to pursue added value.
  • Test Automation was traditionally thought as something ONLY for regression i.e. only after an application has become stable but now it has moved beyond regression testing at the graphical user interface. Automating checks at the API layer is considerably less expensive than at the UI layer.  The automated checks will provide faster feedback and will be less brittle.

If you want to embrace new technological changes, step ahead and learn new skills. Some skills that can really be worthwhile in your testing career:

– Learn to program
– Learn scripting languages
– Learn automated testing tools

A beginner’s course in C++ or Java can be a good idea.

On this website, you’ll find information about latest trends in Software Testing. You’ll get a chance to learn technologies related to Automation and Web Services Testing. You’ll also get an idea about Web Analytics Testing, Web Content Management Testing, Database Testing and much more… Get Ready!