How to search smartly on Confluence

Here are few tips that will allow you to perform a smart search on Confluence to get your desired results:

  • A quick keyboard shortcut – Press “g” then “g” on your keyboard and then enter your search term.
  • OR Search – To search for content that contains one of the terms

Tea OR Coffee

  • AND Search – To search for content that contains both the terms

Tea AND Coffee

  • NOT Search – To search for content that contains certain term (such as “Tea” ) but not the other term (such as “Coffee”)

Tea NOT Coffee

  • Date Range Search – To search for content created or modified within a certain date range, using the created or modified keywords. The date stamps are in numeric ‘yyyymmdd’ format

  created:[20000101 TO 20131231] 

  modified:[20000101 TO 20131231]

  •  Wild card Search – You can use one or more wildcard characters in your search and place them anywhere in the search string, except at the very beginning.


  • Label Search: search directly for a label by using labelText:prefix. For example If you want to search for content with label ‘WCM’ type:


If you want to learn more Searching Techniques, check out Confluence Documentation for Search Syntax

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